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12 Points 12 Points on Licence"Are You Facing 12 Points on Your Driving Licence? Totting Up Ban? Call Us Today. We Get Great Results.Totting Up

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We have an excellent record in avoiding or substantially reducing the minimum 6 month ban.... We specialise in preparing and presenting such arguments to the court.
Motoring Barrister Direct's trained and expert barristers have long standing and proven successful experience in using their specialist in-court advocacy skills in avoiding a driving ban for accumulation of 12 points or more on the licence. WE COVER THE WHOLE OF THE UK AND OFFER REASONABLE FIXED FEES FROM THE OUTSET SO THAT YOU KNOW EXACTLY WHERE YOU STAND. Why go to a solicitor when you can come to our barristers directly from the very beginning?

We do not think it is right, where you would suffer 'exceptional hardship' by reason of a ban, that you should be automatically disqualified from driving and be forced to surrender your licence to DVLA. Of course, the law says that unless you can show and prove to the court such exceptional hardship and, in addition, persuade the court that they should be lenient on you, then 12 points inevitably equals such a driving ban. And this ban is, by law, a minimum of 6 months but may be 12 or more.

* Tip: Please note that 'exceptional hardship' is not an easy argument to run. However, we have over an 93% success rate to-date in completely avoiding a ban in these circumstances.

What would it mean to you if you were to lose your licence for 6 to 12 months? How would that really affect you? Could you continue working? Or would a driving ban leave you severely compromised?

We have proven experience in successfully persuading a court that accumulation of 12 or more penalty points should not result in a ban... so as to ensure that, in the right circumstances, you can keep on driving.

12 Points Each member of our panel has successful and established experience of running "12 points" driving ban arguments before Magistrates

Driving Offence We have a current success rate of over 87% in avoiding a ban in these circumstances

Driving Offences Whilst you should contact us as soon as possible, we can deal with your 12 points case even if it is late in the day. As one of our recent clients said:

12 Points"I want to thank you and your team from the bottom of my heart: you have proved nothing is impossible, your capabilities and dedication managed to save my licence in a matter of just two days." VD Slough.

12 Points on licence - can you still drive?

The answer is... it depends on when the points were accrued and if within 3 years, whether or not you succeed on your exceptional hardship argument. One of our recent clients answers this question - he faced a driving ban having ended up with 13 points on his licence and was represented by one of our barristers, we having already given very detailed advice and guidance on steps he needed to take before the hearing, by which stage he already had the optimal chance of succeeding:

12 Points on Licence“Having driven for over forty years, the prospect of a six month driving ban was too awful to contemplate, meaning an end to my business and all that that involved.  I considered representing myself, but then having found your website and having  phoned you I felt reassured that I was in safe hands. I had no idea that motoring law had so many twists and turns! Your reassuring presence and knowledge at court was essential. Your expertise at presenting my case was also evident.  I'm pretty sure that without your help I would be on the buses. Thanks again!" Nick K, Oxford.

12 Points Driving Ban - Should I represent myself?

In our view, whilst you have every right to represent yourself as a litigant in person, we would hardly ever recommend it. However, if you are determined to follow this route we offer our "Barrister Assist" service whereby we assess your prospects of success, put in place all of the necessary arguments and advise on all of the appropriate steps to be taken. You then attend at court yourself, armed with our assistance. We even give you a full script of what you need to say to the Magistrates. This is much better than simply turning up and hoping to persuade the court.

However, by far the best route is to have representation. As the client above states, he had thought of representing himself. He is very happy that he didn't!

We have often, whilst waiting for our client's hearing to be 'called on' to be dealt with by the Magistrates, sat at the back of court and heard people representing themselves on an 'exceptional hardship' argument. In our experience, such a litigant in person is unfortunately very rarely successful.... as success is all about knowing the procedure, the right tests to be applied and satisfied and, bluntly, sensing and navigating through the way the Magistrates are thinking on that particular day. Only applied legal experience can assist in that regard.

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Sentence for totting up to 12 points or more:

Immediate disqualification for a minimum of 6 months.

Surrender of licence